The documentation for the version V3 that is « extended compliant ». This is validated by the Peppol authorities. Be aware that our previous V3.0 version is no longer valid and should not be used for implementation.

The major differences are :

1. The BE cash payment problem has been solved with this version.
2. The tags for dealing with cash payment are optional and can be omitted for standard invoices. Meaning that it should not have a big impact on the development.
3. Negative invoices or negative credit notes are no longer possible. Amounts at line level can be negative.
4. The bankaccount number is no longer mandatory. Printing it on the PDF is enough to deal with legislation as we assume with other legal requirements like mandatory text.
5. There is an extra tab with the V2 conformant statement in the Excel file. See New code column. The V1 tab is still in the file so it is easy to compare.
6. The Peppol tax codes have been updated. Make sure you use the new and correct ones. The BE tax codes have not been n.
7. The CustomizationID has changed as we become Extended instead of Partly conformant. See the Conformant statement document.
8. The DocumentType in the AdditionalDocumentReference tag is CreditNote for a credit note.

For Fedict recommendations related to the use of VAT number and company number see the Conformant statement.