Brainstorm about a new way of collaboration on the exchange of e-invoices in Belgium

24 August 2017

Creation of UBL.BE ASBL/VZW

12 October 2017

Board meeting

29 November 2017

Decision to register the brand UBL.BE

Board meeting

31 January 2018

Decision to launch the PeppolFirstStrategy New website has been launched

Board meeting

28 March 2018

Approval of first members being PeppolFirstStrategy compliant

Board meeting

30 May 2018

Application for our own schemeID on the ICD6523 has been approved

Board meeting

25 July 2018

BOSA validated our application for our own CustomizationID

50 members have joined our organization

1 September 2018

Use of the UBL.BE format on the Peppol network approved

24 September 2018

Board meeting

26 September 2018

Board meeting

28 November 2018

Documentation of UBL.BE standard published

Successful application of our UBL.BE identifier

Board meeting

30 January 2019

First version of the schematron published

Board meeting

29 May 2019

Decision to be present at the FFF in November

Update of the testcases

Board meeting

31 July 2019

Approval of the use of the “Converted” status of an invoice

Board meeting

25 September 2019

Approval of the promo budget for the FFF


20 November 2019

We are present at the FFF on the 20th and 21st of November

Board meeting

27 November 2019

Decision to allow effective members to follow the General Assemby via remote access

Board meeting

29 January 2020

General Assembly

27 February 2020

Board meeting

25 March 2020

Board meeting

27 May 2020

Board meeting

30 September 2020

Board meeting

18 November 2020

Board meeting

27 January 2021